Open Science Community Delft

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The Open Science Community Delft is an inclusive learning community that focuses on sharing and promoting Open Science practices.

Who can join the Open Science Community Delft?

Everyone who is interested in any aspects of open science.

  • There are many different aspects of open science, including open research, open education, open-source software and hardware, citizen science… You don’t have to be interested in everything to join us: you are encouraged to be participate and contribute in a way that you feel comfortable with.
  • You absolutely don’t have to be an expert - most of us don’t know everything about open science. The important thing is to come with an open mind, to share and to be willing to learn
  • OSC Delft is not built for researchers only. We welcome everyone, whether you are supporting researchers in their work, or more involved in policy or teaching - we would love to learn from you and your perspective.

Please do note that we expect everyone to follow our Code of Conduct.

What does the community do?

  • We share our experiences and learn from each other through bi-annual meetings and discussions in our Slack space.
  • We help each other out towards working more openly, collaboratively, and FAIR-ly (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable), through sharing our knowledge and being open to learning.
  • We create space and resources for community members to drive their own initiatives.

We’re actively developing and learning as a community - in other words, we’re almost always “work-in-progress”, looking for new ideas and input!

What are the benefits?

  • Network building: you will be able to connect with, learn from and collaborate with others interested in open science:
    • From other departments and faculties in TU Delft
    • In other roles and career stages, and with other experiences
    • From all around the world- OSC Delft is part of a larger network of more than 10 open science communities in the Netherlands and beyond.
    • You will receive information about open science events, trainings and funding opportunities
  • Inform development of the TU Delft Open Science Programme: you will be invited to contribute as consultants and beta-testers for new services and policies offered as part of the TU Delft Open Science Programme
  • Learn and practise new skills: you can attend training and workshops to learn more about open science. Also, by presenting at departmental and faculty events and training, you will have opportunity to learn and practise effective and engaging communication, and to build a speaker profile.
  • Increased impact: become the local open science expert in your community! You will be recognised as a community member on this website, and have the opportunity to be featured on the community blog.
  • Start new initiatives: you are connected to other open science practitioners with similar interests, making it easy to connect and work together on projects.

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Code of Conduct

To achieve our aim of learning and sharing, it is essential that we maintain a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone who wants to participate. This is why we ask you to follow our Code of Conduct in all interactions both on and offline.

In short, we ask everyone to be respectful, inclusive and open to learning from everyone else. We do not tolerate any form of harrassment (please refer to the Code of Conduct for more details on what these are). If you do experience these behaviours, please contact the community’s coordinator Emmy Tsang at f [dot] tsang [at] tudelft [dot] nl.

In addition to this Code of Conduct, we expect all OSCD members to adhere to the TU Delft Code of Conduct and the TU Delft Regulations for Complaints Concerning Undesirable Behaviour.